Figuring Out Your Personality Code

Based on the Myers/Briggs Personality Assessment

Below is the free method to finding out your MBTI Personality Code. Most other sites provide multiple choice tests, but require you to enter your email and credit card information to get the results. The method below will provide you with results without having to answer 100 multiple choice questions. In addition, you learn how the assessment process works!

Step 1:
Draw Code Squares:
The first thing to do is get a blank piece of paper and draw out the four squares for your code.

Step 2:
Attitude (Either "E" or "I"):
Choose 1st letter "E" for Extraversion or "I" for Introversion.
Use the descriptions below as a guide.

  • Renews energy based on taking action (Act-Reflect-Act)
  • Prefers being in the company of others
  • Mental flow directed outwards toward people and objects
  • Action oriented
  • Seeks more frequent interaction with others
  • Recharges and gets energy by spending time with people

  • Renews energy based on inward reflection (Reflect-Act-Reflect)
  • Prefers time spent in reflection
  • Mental flow directed inward toward concepts and ideas
  • Thought oriented
  • Seeks more "substantial" interaction with others
  • Recharges and gets energy by spending time alone
  • Sample

    Step 3:
    Perceiving Functions - Part 1 (Either "S" or "N"):
    Choose 2nd letter "S" for Sensing or "N" for Intuition.
    Use the descriptions below as a guide.

  • Trust information that is presented in 5 senses
  • Distrust hunches or gut-feelings
  • Meaning is in the data

  • Trust information that is abstract or theoretical
  • More interested in future possibilities
  • Trust flashes of insight that come out of nowhere
  • Meaning is how data relates to pattern or theory
  • Sample

    Step 4:
    Perceiving Functions Part 2 (Either "T" or "F"):
    Choose 3rd letter "T" for Thinking or "F" for Feeling.
    Use the descriptions below as a guide.

  • Measure things from what is reasonable, logical, casual, consistent or matching set of rules.

  • Measure things from empathizing or associating with the situation.
  • Which will bring the greatest harmony, balance.
  • Considering the needs of the people involved.
  • Sample

    Step 5:
    Lifestyle (Either "J" or "P"):
    Choose letter "J" for Judgment or "P" for Perception.
    Use the descriptions below as a guide.

  • Tend to focus on making decisions
  • Prefer a planned/scheduled life
  • Prefer an orderly environment
  • Task oriented
  • Makes lists of things to do
  • Get work done before playing
  • Work in order to avoid rushing deadline

  • Tend to focus on taking in new information
  • Prefer to be spontaneous
  • Prefer to take things as they come
  • Stay open to respond to whatever happens
  • Loose and casual
  • Like to mix work with play
  • Stimulated by approaching deadlines
  • Work in bursts of energy
  • I miss making decisions, because I stay open to new info too long
  • Sample

    Step 6:
    Look Up The Matching Code:
    Once you have completed assessing your code, you can return to the Home Page and find the corresponding match. This is your personality type.
    Based on the sample of this page, the personality type ISFP would be "The Artist".

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