The Mechanic


The Mechanic is exceptional at analyzing a situation in order to get to the root of a problem. This way, they are able to quickly repair the issue. It is one reason that many ISTP personality types are well suited in the field of engineering.

As an introverted personality type, they are often quiet and internally thinking by nature. They are primarily interested in figuring out how systems work and operate, applying most of their focus on how to make that system more functionally efficient. One of the reasons they are adept at doing this is that they keep an open mind to new ideas and information.

One aspect of the Mechanic personality is that they are able to look at life and make humorous observations about their world.

Another form of ISTP behavior "might" involve risky behavior and hobbies, such as hang gliding, skydiving, and bungee jumping. They also sometimes gravitate toward sports and careers that involve this same risky mind set, such as hockey, paint ball, aviation, and fire fighting.

To the casual observer, a lot of the Mechanic's behavior may seem risky, but it is important to realize that this behavior is based on a solid base of knowledge and keen observation. They may perform risky behavior, but the risk is greatly reduced due to their understanding of those risks.

ISTPs find satisfaction is developing their own solutions to problems.

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