The Duty Fulfiller


The Duty Fulfiller (ISTJ) is a personality type that desires organization. It is very important for them to keep their life and surroundings as well-regulated as possible. They pay very close attention to detail in the tasks that they perform and are typically unsatisfied until a job is 100% complete.

It's not uncommon for an Duty Fulfiller to become dissatisfied if there is an issue that has not been completely resolved. This is true in the case of issues that exist in real life and also issues that appear in fictitious stories.

The Duty Fulfiller is an earnest traditionalist that values being faithful, rational, organized, sensible, and logical. Much of their success in life is the result of their dependability and thoroughness in everything that they do. They are able to easily ignore distractions as they work, so as to allow them to work steadily and methodically until they complete a project or job.

The ISTJ really excels at setting goals that they are able to manage and complete on time.

Although the ISTJ often reflects internally, they also prefer to deal with the factual and present circumstances that they find themselves. They are keen observers and make decisions based on weighing the logic and rationality of the various options involved.

The ISTJ are often well prepared for whatever eventualities arise due to having a solid understanding of most situations. They prefer practical objectives and value traditions

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