The Defender


The Defender, ISFJ, personality type is one that desires maintaining order and harmony in all the various aspects of their lives. They are very meticulous in how they approach responsibilities. Even though they are introverted and quiet, they are also very people-oriented and they are great observers.

They are adept at remembering small details about others, but at the same time they are respectful of others' feelings. Close friends and family of the Defender will typically describe them as being trustworthy and thoughtful.

The Defender is also considered a "Protector Guardian", which means that taking care of people and keeping them out of harm's way is a primary concern. They are caretakers, but rarely demand credit or praise for their efforts that they put forth.

Although the Defender is compassionate and patient with others, the fact that they are quiet can mislead others into thinking that they are snobby or standoffish. Only around family and friends might the Defender feel at ease with speaking openly and freely. Even though the Defender desires to take care of others and protect them, they do not particularly like giving orders and telling people what to do.

The Defender, ISFJ, is a serious minded personality with a strong work ethic. They are not inclined to self indulge and they believe that being thrifty and saving money is a valuable aspect of their character.

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