The Scientist


The Scientist, INTJ, personality type is one that is very analytical. Similar to the "Thinker" (INTP) personality, the Scientist typically prefers to work alone and are not very sociable by nature. However, the INTJ has also been known to take over a project and become a leader if nobody else steps up to the plate. They will also take a leadership role if they find that the current leader of a project is incompetent.

The Scientist is a pragmatic, logical, and creative person. They rarely have the patience to deal with silliness or frivolous emotionalism during their work. The INTJ does not follow the crowd when it comes to trendy catch phrases and often they are unwilling to partake in office gossip. To the INTJ, small talk is considered to be a waste of time.

Always looking for new approaches and angles to solving a problem, the Scientist gets much satisfaction from researching things and getting a new understanding of what they are analyzing. They are highly intelligent and sometimes this intelligence is not always apparent, since they keep much of their information to themselves, not feeling the need to "show off" how mentally quick they are.

Some of the basic aspects of a Scientist INTJ personality type are efficiency, working with creative freedom, a desire to conceptualize their ideas into new designs, and a talent for formulating complex theories.

The well suited occupations for the Scientist involve research, science, engineering, consulting, and law (to name a few).

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