The Protector


The Protector, or INFJ, personality type is one that is conscientious, sensitive, and driven by values. They are the "quiet leaders" and often try to keep their lives as private as possible. They strive to influence and attain results from behind the scenes, not looking for overt recognition for their contributions.

Although the INFJ personality type is one that is very independent, they attain great satisfaction in helping others and looking out for the well-being of those around them.

The Protector often apply intuition in order to develop a better understanding of a situation. When they attempt to solve a problem, the motive is for the benefit of others and to improve the lives of those around them.

INFJs are perceptive of the emotions of those around them. They are well liked by their colleagues and peers, but they form their close friendships much slower than others. This is due to the INFJ often keeping a guard up and not expressing themselves very easily...especially people they consider to be "new acquaintances".

The Protector also has a knack for art and can be very creative when inspired. However, they are also very adept in the field of science, since they are assisted by their strong sense of intuition.

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