The Giver


The Giver personality type falls under the "Visionaries" temperament and desire harmonious relationships with those around them. They are often interested in what others are skilled at doing, what they enjoy, and where they work at. It is not uncommon to find a "Giver" who has a large number of friends and acquaintances from all kinds of various aspects of life.

The Giver is always looking to help people who are in need of assistance. The ENFJ is able to strengthen the bond of social conventions and interactions. It is very important that they feel all the people present are included in the conversation. They are aware of anyone who is excluded and will strive to include them.

The Giver has a strong focus on those around them and feel more at peace when those around them are in a good mood. Likewise, when those around them are unhappy, they feel uneasy and troubled. They are very encouraging to those that they appreciate and provide support and praise to boost moral. They are always offering their assistance to others.

One of the more common traits of The Giver is to find them organizing group activities. This due to their reliability and their desire not to disappoint others. They are often group leaders and have a strong sense of teamwork attitude. They always focus on what members of the group are doing well.

The Giver is very loyal, while at the same time expecting loyalty from others as well. They are able to articulate and converse well with others and are adept at finding a common ground with the person they are relating to. They are especially good at adapting to other's personalities and responding in a polite way, regardless of the situation and how uncomfortable it might be.

Since The Giver is extroverted, it is common that they have a wide range of values. The reason for this is that the strive to share the same values as those around them in order to create a sense of unity and harmony. Often, they collect the values of those within their social group.

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